Black Dice and Anti-ism, Starring Inami Anju

Black Dice download here Black Dice is a stage play produced by Flying Trip that had its theatrical run from April 20, 2017 to April 24, 2017 at Owl Spot, East Ikebukuro, Tokyo. Starring a double cast of Inami Anju (Takami Chika from Love Live! Sunshine!!) and Nitou Moeno (formerly a member of AKB48) as its main heroine, it tells the story of an unlucky girl and her attempts to overcome her tragic fate. This recording features the A cast, Inami Anju, as the heroine. Synopsis: An unlucky girl. No matter what she does, things never go well for her. A con man, appearing before her one day. "We're gonna rob the guy who cast you and your mother aside clean." She had never met her father, not even once. Will she take on the largest gamble of her life, and turn her life around? Note: The source of this recording is a DVD, so the best available resolution is 480p. Credits: Translation: blub TLC/QC: xIceArcher Video source: Dyrea       Anti-ism download here Anti-ism is a stage play…

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μ’s →NEXT LoveLive! 2014 ~ENDLESS PARADE~ Subs

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KuuRin, Dasaher, and Sagirius bring you the full μ's 4th Live subs! This is the final unsubbed μ's live, so with this, all of their lives now have english subs! This release only contains the subtitle files. Download Here Credits: CN-EN TL: KuuRin Timing: Sagirius TLC/Timing QC: dasaher Image Credit: LL Wikia FAQ Can I have your permission to use your subtitle files to re-translate to X language? Yes, you can use mkvextract to extract out the necessary files. Please give credit where appropriate. I see a bunch of weird video/subtitle issues. If you are watching it with VLC, try using a different player, there are known issues with VLC. Try MPC-HC or mpv.

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Aqours Chiba Fanmeet with English subtitles!

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  We're proud to present our latest project: Aqours LIVE & FAN MEETING -Landing action Yeah!!- in Chiba, complete with English subtitles! It's been just over a year since Aqours' first fan meeting tour, which saw them visit fans both at home and overseas, kicked off in Osaka. In this release, you'll be able to catch the tour's last stop in Chiba, completely translated for your enjoyment! This was the second of three performances in Chiba, and was the only one to get a release on Blu-Ray. New to our live subs is the addition of karaoke effects for songs! We'd like to give a huge thank you to gacha4life, who runs the sites GanbaWhoby and FuwaFuwaTime, for developing an app to simplify the karaoke timing process. If you're not a fan of karaoke effects, or prefer watching the live song portion without subtitles entirely, we've also included two additional subtitle tracks for you to do so! Happy holidays from everyone at Team ONIBE!   1080p download link   This is a non-profit fan translation. Please support the official Blu-ray…

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Aqours 2nd LoveLive! HAPPY PARTY TRAIN TOUR with English Subtitles!

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Team ONIBE proudly presents Aqours 2nd Love Live! HAPPY PARTY TRAIN TOUR with English Subtitles! Can you believe it’s only been a year since Aqours performed at their solo tour? Dry off the September rain by staying inside and reliving the special moments from Aqours’ first concert tour! Now you can understand what your favorite seiyuu are saying in this pinnacle moment of their history. Enjoy English translations of everything from entertaining MC banter to song lyrics, as well as full Romaji lyrics so you can sing along to your heart’s content. Our release includes the following from the Blu-Ray Memorial Box release of Aqours 2nd Live: Saitama Day 1 (Disks 1 and 2) Saitama Day 2 (Disks 1 and 2) Nagoya and Kobe Digest Nagoya, Kobe, and Saitama Intermission Dramas Behind the Scenes (Rehearsal footage) Welcome to autumn from ONIBE, and thank you for your continued support! 1080p Download This is a non-profit fan translation. Please support the official Blu-ray if you enjoyed it. Brought to you by Team ONIBE Main Translation: arbshortcake, Chezz, Dyrea, Eli Ayase, xIceArcher, picup, ramen…

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Teku Teku Aqours – 1st Years Ver.

We've translated Strolling with Aqours - 1st Years ver! The first years explore Numazu Gamers, see the Aqours wrapped taxis, trains and busses, visit Numazu Burger for a meal, and finally visit the Numazu Deep Sea Aquarium! Follow along with them as they explore the various things to do in Numazu! Download the episode here!  TL: LuciaHunter TS: Chesszz QC: Yuniikorn

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