Thanks for filling out the survey! Since we received many questions, we’ve compiled the most commonly asked ones in a FAQ here for you all!


How do I torrent?


Your files are too big!

  • We strive to strike a good balance between quality and file size. Given that the original files on the BD may be up to several hundred GBs in size, our current releases is probably the furthest we would like to go without unacceptably reducing the quality of the source video
    • Some groups release re-encodes of our releases into lower resolutions like 720p. Perhaps you could check those out if file size is an issue, though we are unfortunately unable to vouch for the quality of these re-encodes


Will you upload subtitle-only files again?

  • Yes! Sorry for the delay. Check our website, and do let us know if any of our releases are still missing the subtitle-only files!


My computer lags when playing your videos!

  • This might be because the typesetting effects that we use to make the signs look pretty might be a bit too much for your computer to handle. However, most modern computers should be able to handle our releases just fine
  • If possible, try switching to mpv, or upgrading your CPU



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