Also bundled with LOST WORLD was WHITE ISLAND, Aqours’ first New Years countdown concert! Although we’re far into 2022, you can relive one of the few bright spots of 2020 with Aqours. And as always, included with the concert itself is the “Making of” video, covering the filming and rehearsals leading up to the concert!

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Aqours ONLINE LoveLive! ~LOST WORLD~

Time flies when you have nowhere to go, huh? It’s a little late, but we’re proud to present Aqours’ first online concert, LOST WORLD! This live was designed to celebrate Aqours’ journey through their first five years together. Enjoy some of your favorite songs from years past, as well as the debut of many new ones. And as always, we’ve subbed the included “Making of” video, which covers the rehearsals leading up the LOST WORLD and some of the backstage happenings from Day 2!

Here’s hoping we can see you in person at another Aqours concert sometimes soon!

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