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In anticipation of the second season of the Love Live! Superstar!! anime, we’re proud to present the first chapter of Liella!’s story in Blu-ray form!

This is the first chapter of Liella!’s story, and we hope you enjoy re-living their story before the start of the second season which is happening soon.

This is a non-profit fan translation. If you enjoyed it, please support Love Live! and Liella! by buying the official Blu-ray if possible.

Brought to you by Team ONIBE

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Translation/Timing: arbshortcake, xIceArcher, Dyrea
Typeset: Yujacha
Karaoke Timing: xIceArcher
Karaoke Timing App: gacha4life
Karaoke Effects: Dyrea
QC: arbshortcake
Source/Encode: link2110

Special thanks to dasaher for helping out with typeset work.


Can I have your permission to use your subtitle files to re-translate to X language?
Yes, you can use mkvextract to extract out the necessary files, or download the subfiles directly. Please give credit where appropriate.

I see a bunch of weird video/subtitle issues.
Use mpv instead.

Will there be a 720p version?
We do not plan to release a 720p version.