Interactive Callguide site & Hakodate D2 Callguide

We've collaborated with FuwaFuwaTime to produce an interactive Love Live! Sunshine!! callguide that helps you learn calls in real time! On the site, you'll be able to find a page for each song where you can follow along the lyrics and calls which will be highlighted in sync with the music! If you're unsure about the timing of the calls, there'll also be ticks to guide your timing. In addition, with screenings of the Hakodate Unit Carnival coming up, there's also a downloadable PDF guide featuring the Day 2 setlist in the downloads section!   Interactive Callguide Homepage Hakodate D2 Callguide PDF

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μ’s Lives – English Subs Archive

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This post serves as an archive for all the μ's Live subs that can be found around the internet. Apart from Final Live, these are all credited to their original translation teams. The downloads here are for the sub files only, we do not know if the corresponding video files that they work with are still in circulation or not. μ's First LoveLive! - by Dasaher μ's 2nd New Year LoveLive! 2013 - by affanw  μ's 3rd Anniversary LoveLive! - by Love Live! Wikia Translation Team μ's →NEXT LoveLive! 2014 ~ENDLESS PARADE~ (Day 1) - by Dasaher μ's →NEXT LoveLive! 2014 ~ENDLESS PARADE~ (Day 2) - by KuuRin, Dasaher, and Sagirius μ's Go→Go! LoveLive! 2015~Dream Sensation!~  - by Love Live! Wikia Translation Team μ’s Final Love Live! - by Team ONIBE -- LoveLive! Fan Disc - by affanw  

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Aqours First Stage Performance! Is Everyone Ready? ~One, Two, Sunshine!!~ English Translations

Two years ago on January 11, 2016, Aqours performed on their very first live stage performance: Love Live! Sunshine!! Aqours Special Extracurricular Activities: Is Everyone Ready? ~One, Two, Sunshine!!~. This video was originally subbed by Spunky Datenshuu but it had gotten removed by YouTube. To celebrate the anniversary, we are re-releasing this event in its original full BD quality with full English subtitles! This 2 hour event includes character introductions and traits, mini-games, the original training camp VTR, and most importantly, their very first time dancing on stage as a group! In a way, this event showed how amateur and unpolished Aqours were back then, yet that makes it even more special to watch now after seeing how far they have come. They poured their hearts out to this audience of 1500~, and their feelings felt very honest and genuine. It was an unforgettable day according to their interviews, and we highly recommend not missing out on this pinnacle moment of their history. (Spoilers: The announcement they teased in the niconama that night was subbed here!) Original TL / Timing: Spunky Datenshuu…

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Aqours First Love Live! ~Step! ZERO to ONE~ English Translations

Team ONIBE proudly presents Aqours First Love Live! ~Step! ZERO to ONE~ with English Subtitles! Can you believe it's only been ten months since Aqours took their first step and blew everyone away? Kick off your new year reliving the special moments from Aqours' first major solo performance! Now you can understand what your favorite seiyuu are saying in this pinnacle moment of their history. Enjoy English translations of everything from entertaining MC banter to song lyrics, as well as full Romaji lyrics so you can sing along to your heart's content. For those who prefer viewing the song performances without lyrics, there is also an MC-only subtitle track included. Our release includes the following from the Blu-Ray Memorial Box release of Aqours First Live: Day 1 (Disks 1 and 2) Day 2 (Disks 1 and 2) Intermission Dramas 1 and 2 Behind the Scenes (Rehearsal footage) Happy New Year from ONIBE, and thank you for your continued support! 1080p Download 720p Download Subtitle Files (See Disclaimer below) This is a non-profit fan translation. Please support the official Blu-ray if you…

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Teku Teku Aqours – 1st Years Ver.

We've translated Strolling with Aqours - 1st Years ver! The first years explore Numazu Gamers, see the Aqours wrapped taxis, trains and busses, visit Numazu Burger for a meal, and finally visit the Numazu Deep Sea Aquarium! Follow along with them as they explore the various things to do in Numazu! Download the episode here!  TL: LuciaHunter TS: Chesszz QC: Yuniikorn

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Aqours 2nd Live Callbook – Saitama Version [Version 2 out!]

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Without further ado, here is the final version of our Aqours 2nd Live HAPPY PARTY TRAIN callbook! It features art from /r/LoveLive’s talented flowerstand illustrators, as well as chibis from Shukamod!
We hope this callbook assists you and serves as a nice memorial item to remember this live by. Whether you printed one yourself, picked it up from some of our volunteer community leaders at a Live Viewing/Delayed Viewing, or perhaps even at the venue itself. (more…)

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Anisong Calls 101

Calls 101: If you’ve ever attended a Japanese concert (also known as a “live), you may have seen some people shouting unique phrases and waving lightsticks. These actions derive from the combination of chanting and dancing known as “wotagei”, and has made its way to anisong lives in the form of “calls”. With calls, the fans act as one to give it their all to support their favorite performers that are on stage. HOW In some shape or form you may have already performed calls. If you’ve ever been to a normal concert, you may have seen the performer(s) hype up the crowd by having shout along with them, yelling “Oi! Oi! Oi!” or “Hey! Hey! Hey” Calls are more or less an advanced version of this, while also including arm movements and lightsticks. Your standard list of calls would consist of "Hai!" Repeated in a chant or in combo (e.g "Hai! Hai! HaiHaiHaiHai!" “Fu!”/”FuFu! “Fuwa” combo “Se-no!” Signal PPPH combo (“Oooooo HAI!”) Along with calls, lightsticks are an essential tool to fully enjoy the concert experience. These come in…

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Aqours 2nd Live Callbook – Nagoya/Kobe Version

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Hello everyone, we are proud to unveil our 2nd Live Callbook! This preliminary version is intended to be a digital reference for anyone attending the upcoming Nagoya and Kobe parts of the tour. It includes every single new song since the last callbook. Note that many of the calls are tentative as these songs have never been performed live before. This book will be updated continuously as we hear back from different sources after the lives. A more polished print-formatted callbook will be designed for the final Saitama tour. Stay tuned. Download (PDF) Aqours 2nd Live Callbook

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