Today’s October 4, 2023, which is the release day for the BD of Love Live! Superstar!! Liella! 3rd LoveLive Tour ~WE WILL!!~. And to commemorate the occasion, we’re here with a release of the BD of Love Live! Superstar!! Liella! 2nd LoveLive! ~What a Wonderful Dream!!~~, which was the last numbered live where Liella! performed as five members, complete with English subs! What a Wonderful Dream!!, named after the titular song in Liella!’s first album, was held over six days in three venues in March to June 2022, with the final venue in Osaka also featuring a live band.

It was also Liella!’s first time performing with a center stage, and featured the debuts of new outfits and songs, including one that would go on to become an important plot point in Season 2! And of course, we’ve included the making of footage, so please give it all a watch to see how much they’ve evolved in just a year! We hope that you’ll enjoy watching the performances from Liella!’s second live and relive their final days as a group of five!


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This is a non-profit fan translation. If you enjoyed it, please support Love Live! and Liella! by buying the official Blu-ray if possible.


Main Credits:

MC TL: DeckardLain
Song TL: xIceArcher
Timing: DeckardLain
Karaoke Timing: xIceArcher
Typeset: Yujacha, Dantalian
Karaoke Timing App: gacha4life
Karaoke Effects: Dyrea
TLC/QC: arbshortcake, Dyrea, xIceArcher
Source/Encode: link2110

Making of Credits:

TL/Timing: xIceArcher
Typeset: Yujacha, Mizoe
TLC/QC: arbshortcake, Dyrea
Source/Encode: link2110



Can I have your permission to use your subtitle files to re-translate into another language?
Absolutely! Just make sure to give credit where appropriate.

I see a bunch of weird video/subtitle issues.
Use the newest version of MPV.

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