Two years ago on January 11, 2016, Aqours performed on their very first live stage performance: Love Live! Sunshine!! Aqours Special Extracurricular Activities: Is Everyone Ready? ~One, Two, Sunshine!!~. This video was originally subbed by Spunky Datenshuu but it had gotten removed by YouTube. To celebrate the anniversary, we are re-releasing this event in its original full BD quality with full English subtitles!
This 2 hour event includes character introductions and traits, mini-games, the original training camp VTR, and most importantly, their very first time dancing on stage as a group!
In a way, this event showed how amateur and unpolished Aqours were back then, yet that makes it even more special to watch now after seeing how far they have come. They poured their hearts out to this audience of 1500~, and their feelings felt very honest and genuine. It was an unforgettable day according to their interviews, and we highly recommend not missing out on this pinnacle moment of their history.
(Spoilers: The announcement they teased in the niconama that night was subbed here!)
Original TL / Timing: Spunky Datenshuu
Songs: Yunii, xIceArcher, Shukamod
Styling / QC: Eter
BD Source: VCB-Studio
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