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Without further ado, here is the final version of our Aqours 2nd Live HAPPY PARTY TRAIN callbook! It features art from /r/LoveLive’s talented flowerstand illustrators, as well as chibis from Shukamod!
We hope this callbook assists you and serves as a nice memorial item to remember this live by. Whether you printed one yourself, picked it up from some of our volunteer community leaders at a Live Viewing/Delayed Viewing, or perhaps even at the venue itself.
In order to keep the print version more concise, it only contains the songs with the most significant amount of calls. Please refer to the reference guide below if you want to learn calls for the rest of the songs that may appear during the live.

October 1 Update: Version 2!

This new version features songs based on the true Saitama Day 2 setlist. Apologies that it came out after a lot of Delayed Viewing groups have already printed, but not much we can do since the time between the live and DV is quite short for prep.

Print Versions:

Note: BLEED vs REGULAR. If you are taking it to a professional print shop or have a borderless printer, take the BLEED version. If you are printing it on a regular printer with white margins, take the REGULAR version. If you require a specific printer spread, please contact Eter on Twitter, the /r/LoveLive discord server, or by email at [email protected]

A5 (Asia, Singapore, Australia, the rest of the world)


Half-Letter (USA, Canada)


Digital Versions:


Change Log:

ver 2 [2017/10/01]
Updated based on Saitama D2 setlist:
– KoiAqua, PopsHeart, LandingAction added
– NatsuTobira no longer a towel song
ver 1.5 [2017/09/17] – Initial Release
ver 1.51 [2017/09/24] – Fixed small mistake in Aozora
ver 1.6 [2016/09/26] – Clarification on “calls” terminology