[Team ONIBE] Aqours 5th LoveLive! ~Next SPARKLING!!~

Last Monday and Tuesday marked the one-year anniversary of Aqours’ 5th Live, and we’re celebrating it with subs! More than just a live that covers the movie, 5th Live is also a celebration of Aqours’ journey in real life. From their first live debut at Mielparque in Tokyo, to their performances both around Japan and around the world— this live is a reminder to look back at how far they’ve come, and a reminder of just how much lies ahead. Let’s reach our hands out towards a radiance never before seen! Download here! This is a non-profit fan translation. If you enjoyed it, please support Love Live! and Aqours by buying the official Blu-ray if possible.   Credits: MC Translation: arbshortcake “Making of” Translation: xIceArcher Timing: arbshortcake Karaoke Timing: xIceArcher Karaoke Timing App: gacha4life Typeset: dasaher Quality Check: dasaher, ramen Source/Encode: link2110     FAQ Will you release standalone subtitle files so I can use them with my existing files? Get them here! Disclaimer: These files were timed directly to our own encode. Every release is a little different, so…

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[Team ONIBE] Love Live! Nijigasaki High School Idol Club Memorial Disc ~Blooming Rainbow~

We’re excited to bring you English subs for the Nijigasaki High School Idol Club’s first live events, ODAIBA TOKIMEKI Stage and School Matching Festival! Watching NijiGaku’s first performances is a great way to see how their rainbow started to bloom.

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