[Team ONIBE] Aqours COUNTDOWN LoveLive! ~WHITE ISLAND~ [BD 1080p]

Also bundled with LOST WORLD was WHITE ISLAND, Aqours’ first New Years countdown concert! Although we’re far into 2022, you can relive one of the few bright spots of 2020 with Aqours. And as always, included with the concert itself is the “Making of” video, covering the filming and rehearsals leading up to the concert! Download Here! Note: While the original Blu-ray had performances the and pre-live announcements altogether on Disc 4, we’ve split those sections up into their own video file for easier access. The standalone files below also have a full unsplit version of the Disc 4 subs if you’d prefer to use that. This is a non-profit fan translation. If you enjoyed it, please support Love Live! and Aqours by buying the official Blu-ray if possible.   Credits: MC Translation: arbshortcake, Dyrea Song Translation: xIceArcher Timing: arbshortcake, Dyrea Typeset: Yujacha Karaoke Timing: xIceArcher Karaoke Timing App: gacha4life Quality Check: Yujacha, Chezz Source / Encode: link2110     FAQ Will you release standalone subtitle files so I can use them with my existing files? Get them here!  Coming…

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Teku Teku Aqours – 1st Years Ver.

We've translated Strolling with Aqours - 1st Years ver! The first years explore Numazu Gamers, see the Aqours wrapped taxis, trains and busses, visit Numazu Burger for a meal, and finally visit the Numazu Deep Sea Aquarium! Follow along with them as they explore the various things to do in Numazu! Download the episode here!  TL: LuciaHunter TS: Chesszz QC: Yuniikorn

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