Hi everyone! ONIBE is starting weekly round-up posts! These’ll be done by KayGThe, ONIBE’s official mascot :^) This round will include posts released from March 26, 2017 – April 2, 2017.


Aikyan blog translated by Dyrea

The first post of the week is Aikyan blog! It’s a bit short, but it has nice pictures of Aikyan. 😀


Arisha blog translated by Arishamod

The next post is an Arisha blog from over a year ago~


Ucchi LINE blog 1 & 2 translated by KuuRin

This post was a notice for a talk-show Ucchi was going to guest on later that night (March 28). You can watch it without subs on bilibili.

Love Live! μ’s Final LoveLive! ~μ’sic Forever ♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪~ translated by Instigare

μ’s Final Live subs! This is our biggest release of the week, everyone worked really hard on this~ We’re sorry it took so long for everyone to torrent this, but now we now better and will be better prepared next time! Click here to see all Final Live files.

LisAni Vol. 27.1 Interview with Kubo Yurika translated by Arishamod

After watching μ’s Final Live, please read this interview of Shikaco talking about her feelings towards μ’s Final Live and Hanayo! She brings up a lot of memories that’ll surely make you sentimental~

Animelo Mix NozoEli Radio Garden – Episode 22 translated by KuuRin

To counter those sad, sentimental feelings, we have another silly episode of the best radio show NozoEli Radio Garden!

Photo Tecnic Digital Furihata Ai Interview translated by Dyrea

From Photo Tecnic Digital’s April edition, we have Aiai’s interview and gallery!

Love Live! Sunshine!! Live-action Film! Special Movie translated by Dyrea

They really took April Fools to another level, didn’t they~ We made our own April Fools subs of this, but the video above has the real subs 😛

Shuka blog translated by Shukamod

To end the week we’ve got a Shuka blog about April Fools and a picture of ikemen Shukashuu!
*One final note – KuuRin might decide to prioritize NozoEli Radio Garden over UraRaji, and that he’ll have longer releases during April.
Thanks for reading!